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Why Wash Your Car at Main Auto Spa?

We care about your car because we recognize how important your car is to you. That's why Main Auto Spa carries the newest and most advanced equipment to pamper your vehicle. All our chemicals are environmentally friendly and gentle on your car's exterior. All our chemicals, soaps, and additives are water soluble and biodegradable. We will never carry or use a product that could potentially damage your car. Plus, we reclaim more than 80% of our water, because our town deserves to be treated as well as our customers.

Our wash is designed to provide our customers with the best and speediest possible service. From the start with a friendly cashier to guide you through our many wash options, to the efficient cleaning staff who will be sure to get your car looking shiny and clean with top-notch products and an attention to detail. Using our full-service wash will save you time, aggravation, and make the most out of your vehicle.

What is your car's condition? Fewer people are buying new cars. Since 2008, there are 6 million fewer new cars being purchased annually in America. That means that more people are buying used cars, potentially your used car. The physical appearance of your vehicle is the single most important factor when determining its market value. On average, a person's car price appreciates 14.85% simply by improving the car's condition from "fair" to "good." The main difference between a "fair" and "good" conditioned car is the condition of the paint and interior wear. "Fair" may require a new paint job or finish.

There are a variety of different environmental and personal factors that effect your car's exterior. Pollen, sunlight, dirt, and salt attack your car's paint and can often lead to rust. Salt can also lead to rusting of your car's undercarriage, which could potentially lead to mechanical problems. The best way to ensure your car's exterior is in "good" condition is to wash your car at least once a month; or for the best possible maintenance, weekly.

Washing your car can appreciate its value. When someone buys a used car, the only thing they can see is the cosmetics and the odometer. While nobody can do anything about the mileage, a clean, shiny car free of dents and dings with an inviting interior appearance and smell will always sell at a premium to a car that looks worn and abused. Preserve your car's value and enjoy it to its fullest with regular washing and detailing. It makes good dollars and sense.

What We Use

Bug Remover

Applied to all cars prior to entering the tunnel.
It is a heavy duty alkaline detergent that quickly penetrates and loosens bug residues in the
prep area. Rinses freely and completely to help prevent streaking.

Underbody Rust Inhibitor

This is a chemical agent we add to our fresh
water underbody spray, which reduces the
onset of rust caused by road salt and moisture.

Armor All Pro Single Foam Polish

This single high-foaming conditioner breaks
down dirt and bugs, as well as providing shine
and protection to your paint.

Armor All Pro Triple Foam Polish

Containing 3 high-foaming conditioners which
act together to dissolve dirt, bugs, and other unwanted material. It produces an exceptional shine on all vehicle surfaces while applying ultraviolet sun block to help protect clear coat layer from harmful UV rays.

Armor All Clear Coat Protectant

Specifically designed to protect your vehicles' painted surfaces. Enhances and protects clear coat finishes while improving depth of gloss. Fights oxidation and provides corrosion
protection to unpainted metal surfaces.

Armor All's Body Shield Polish

Armor All's top of the line polish that has active ingredients bond to glass, chrome, and
painted surfaces; creates superior shine and longer lasting protection; increased surface tension of water beads for more efficient
drying and water removal.

Armor All Express Wax

This is the best maintenance product short of
a hand wax. This premium liquid wax is a
blend of carnauba wax, silicones, and
ultraviolet sun blockers, which provide
maximum protection, shine, and a smooth