Main Auto Spa

Detailing & Extra Services

Our attention to detail is what makes the difference. Details start at $119, including the VIP wash (our best wash and products) and a rigorous cleaning of your car's interior: We will wipe down the entire interior and get all the nooks and crannies. We will also shampoo both the carpets and mats, interior armor all the entire interior, and leather treatment the leather seats. Additional services include: Seat Shampoo, Hand Paste Wax, Headlight Restoration, Deodorizer/sanatizer.

Details take between two and five hours to complete depending on the condition of the car, how much business we have that day and the services we need to do to the detail. What we suggest is calling and setting up an appointment on a day you can have someone pick you up. One of our friendly cashiers will take down your information and call you once the detail is done.

*Please note: We will also be adding a 15% gratuity fee to the final costs.

Extra Service Prices
Handwash with Armor All Pro
Express Carnauba Hand Wax
Leather Treatment &
Interior Armor All
Headlight Restoration
Mats & Carpet
Deodorize/Sanatize Nanotechnology
Leather Seat Treatment
Hand Waxing
$50 - $60
Carpet Shampoo
Armor All Interior
Floor Mats
Armor All on tires
Trunk vacuum
Seat Shampoo
$10 per seat
-or- 5 seats for $40

**For more information about the products and chemicals we use, click here